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Tanker om bok - Hugh Hollinghurst: Classical Liverpool - language sculpture and architecture

Tittel: Classical Liverpool -language sculpture and architecture
Forlag:Liverpool History Society
Format:21 x 15 cm

When I visited Liverpool for the first time, I was struck by all the beautiful architecture of the city, both the classical and the modern,I took a whole lot of pictures, helped to the right places by Russell who was an excellent guide and a local expert.
But it was not until I got home that I became fully aware of the history of the places I had photographed.So in retrospect, I have read more, looked at pictures, surfing the net and read in books. Then I came across this little interesting book in my Bokklubben.

Although it has only 106 pages and is not particularly stunning as to pictures and illustrations,it contains so much useful for those who want to walk around in Liverpool and look at the old, dignified buildings.There are so many details and interesting information, that all one has seen and experienced gets new dimensions.

A very interesting list of contents
On the front cover we see the Oratory. This is from the period called the Greek Revival, by architect John Foster Junior
The Oratory - (pp.44, 56, 58) - Photo:RandiAa©
The Albert Dock (pp.47, 64, 72) - Photo:RandiAa©
The Albert Dock (pp.47, 64, 72) - Photo:RandiAa©
The Albert Dock, built 1843-1847, is a good example of the Doric style. The colorful columns are similar to those found in Greece. It was  common to enhance the architecture with clear bright colors.
Examples of the Baroque style, are the baroque towers of the Port of Liverpool building and the Royal Liver building.The Baroque Revival or Neo-baroque is a copy of the earlier real Baroque:
The Royal Liver Building (pp.63, 66) - Photo:RandiAa©
Mersey Docks (Port of Liverpool Building) (pp.57, 63, 72) - Photo:RandiAa©
Ionic and Doric columns: 
Gambier Terrace - Hope Street (p.54) - Photo:RandiAa©
Cunard  Building (pp.17, 23, 31, 36,) - Photo:RandiAa©
Canning Street, Doorway - Photo:RandiAa©
Canning Street, Doorway - Photo:RandiAa©
Canning Street, Doorway - Photo:RandiAa©
Here is one of the Architectural walks suggested in this book:

Mer om Liverpool i Året Rundt med RandiAa

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